Air Conditioning Myths That Are Costing You Money

All of us cannot have immense knowledge about HVAC systems. But, living in the era of the internet makes it easy for us to know a lot about everything. However, often we encounter a lot of wrong information too. And, not having good knowledge about HVAC systems makes us waste a lump sum of money.

That’s where experts’ point of view becomes necessary to break the myths that are costing you money. Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has been serving its clients with several HVAC services for years. From such a rich experience and expertise, we have summarized the popular air conditioning myths and their reality.

Quicker Cooling In The Lowest Setting

It is a usual myth that setting your thermostat temperature to the lowest setting causes your home to cool down quicker. In reality, the settings of your thermostat have nothing to do with its running. However, if you want to save your money and cool down your home quicker, consider setting the thermostat closer to the outside temperature.

Bigger AC Units Are Better

No, it’s false. For better efficiency, an AC unit doesn’t need to be huge. The size of an AC unit depends on the size of your room. Too large AC units often force air on and off in shorter periods. You can use AC units of the appropriate measure to balance it. And, such use of large AC units makes their compressor worn out quicker.

Turning Off The AC Even For A Shorter Period Saves Money & Energy

False! It is a famous concept that turning off the AC even if you are away for a shorter period saves you good money and energy. But, you should know that the scenario is the opposite. When you turn off the AC and turn it on after a short interval, it experiences extra load to restart and cool your home again. And, this eventually results in more energy consumption as well as more wastage of money. A better practice is to keep the AC unit on and turn the temperature up a few degrees.

There Is No Need To Change Air Filters Frequently

Never compromise with your health. Yes, here the concern is your health. Air filters remove dust and dirt particles from the air in your room so that you can breathe cleaner air. Not checking and changing air filters as suggested by the manufacturer can make the air inside your room dirtier than it would usually be. Don’t let such a mishap happen to your health.

AC Units Should Get Replaced or Repaired Only When They Are Completely Broken

Avoid this practice to face less hassle. Even if your AC unit seems to look okay, using it below its maximum efficiency can surely cost you more money than a replacement or repair.

Air Quality and Temperature Are Not Dependent on Thermostat Location

The air quality and temperature are directly related to the location of the thermostat. According to the rule of thumb, the best spot to place a thermostat is away from the sources of heating and cooling. Locating it in a central area leads you to achieve better accuracy in reading your home’s temperatures.

Fans Support Your AC To Keep The Room Cooler

Fans only circulate the cool air coming from your AC unit but, they don’t cool your room any more than your AC. So, there is no need to run the fans simultaneously with your AC unit and face a high utility bill.

Closing The Vents In The Rooms, You Aren’t Using Helps The AC.

The scenario is not that here. Instead, keeping the vents closed in the rooms you don’t use causes an uneven air distribution in your home. As a result, pressure builds up in your ducts, and your AC unit needs to work harder to cool your home. Avoid this to save a good amount of money on energy consumption.

Newer AC Units Don’t Need Servicing.

Technical components can malfunction at any moment, irrespective of being old or new. Even if your AC unit is unique, it should be serviced. That will help you to know if it is performing at peak capacity or not.

These are the most common myths about your air conditioning system. Please don’t believe any of them. Whenever you feel it, take advice from a reputed organization like Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Our services are readily available whenever you contact us. Also, check out our blogs for more information on various topics related to HVAC systems.



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