Do you know the levels of indoor air pollutants are five times higher than outdoor levels, which can impact your health? Mold, dander, pet hair, and dust mites can build up over time in your air ducts and heating and cooling equipment. But, you don’t need to worry. Gillair has an expert team of indoor air quality (IAQ) who can identify any improvable point of your HVAC system and ensures it sends clean, healthy air throughout the building. Contact us today to learn more about how our IAQ services can solve your problems and help you keep your facility’s air clean, pure, & healthy.

Our IAQ Solutions:


Dehumidifiers are used to maintain the level of humidity in your air. It removes humidity from the air. If the air is dry or humid in your home, it’s always a good idea to look into installing a dehumidifier. Keep indoor humidity at an ideal temperature from spring through fall.


The proper level of humidity will help you will feel more relaxed and breathe easier in your home. By increasing indoor humidity, you can breathe more comfortably and eliminate that dry nose, throat, & eye feeling you have in the morning when you wake up.

High-Efficiency Filters

Most of the HVAC systems still use a primary air filter. Several types of permanent air filters are available in various efficiencies that can help you filter the air in your home.

UV Lights

Install a single or dual UV lamp within your HVAC units can stop the circulation of irritants in your house. This purifying or sanitizing light can kill germs, bacteria, and mold.

We provide the following air treatment solutions for:

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