Why You Need to Change Your HVAC Air Filter

Did you know that Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors? What’s alarming is the fact that the amount of some indoor pollutants is often two to five times higher than outside.

If you feel that something’s off about your home’s indoor air quality, the HVAC air filter is one of the first things you should check.

When was the last time you changed your filter? If you can’t remember or didn’t know that you’re supposed to, it’s probably time to change it.

The air filter plays a crucial role in ensuring that airborne contaminants are kept out of your indoor air. Changing it should always be a part of routine HVAC maintenance.

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend replacing your HVAC filters on a regular basis.

The HVAC Air Filter Keeps the Air Quality Great

The primary job of the air filter is to trap dirt, pollen, dust, and other contaminants. It prevents these pollutants from circulating throughout your home.

Breathing in dirty air can cause severe and potentially deadly health issues. For example, scientists have linked “sick building syndrome” to poor indoor air quality and ventilation. Other health problems include allergies, asthma, and some types of pneumonia.

It’s even more dangerous for family members with weakened immune systems like the elderly and young children. To make matters worse, they’re the ones who tend to spend the most time indoors.

Fresh Air Filters Improve Efficiency

Have you noticed your energy bills skyrocket with no logical explanation? You probably haven’t considered the state of your air filters.

The filters are responsible for keeping dust and other pollutants out of the system and ductwork. When debris overwhelms the filters, they get clogged and interrupt the airflow.

The HVAC system has to work harder to compensate for the reduced airflow. You may notice warm air coming out of your HVAC unit because it’s overworking itself.

Your energy bills are high because your HVAC unit needs extra power to perform its function. In this situation, dirty filters are to blame for lowering your system’s efficiency.

They Affect the Lifespan of Your HVAC Unit

An overworked HVAC system due to clogged air filters is courting disaster.

The excess heat it generates can damage precious components. These include parts like the evaporator coils, condenser, and capacitors. An inefficient system also accelerates their normal wear and tear.

If the HVAC unit continues to work extra hard, you can expect regular breakdowns. Constant repairs are inconvenient and also a wallet drain.

Why Replace Instead of Clean?

Many homeowners ask this question. Why not save money by cleaning and reusing air filters instead of buying replacements?

The answer is simple. No matter what method you use, cleaning is ineffective. The filters are disposable for a reason.

Vacuuming doesn’t remove all the dirt and dust trapped deep within the inner fibers of the filter. Washing it with water is an even worse idea. Getting it wet encourages mold growth, which can cause serious health issues.

Ready to Replace Your Air Filter?

Changing the HVAC air filter is an essential part of regular maintenance. It keeps your indoor air quality pristine, increases your system’s efficiency, and extends the HVAC unit’s lifespan.

Do you need maintenance and repair services for your HVAC unit in the Metro Atlanta area? Our technicians at Gill Heating & Air Conditioning can help.

Contact us today to learn about our Indoor Air Quality services, including the use of high-efficiency filters and more!



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