Digital Setback Thermostat

Energy Saving Virtually Without Any Effort
A digital setback thermostat is a blessing to the working professionals with fixed schedules. They need to go out of home and return at fixed timings. They can set the thermostat to “set-back” when they are outside. This can provide them comfort when they are at home. This also reduces the energy needs to heat and cool your home and consequently you become able to save a lot of money.
Digital setback thermostats are mainly available in 5+2 day and 7-day configurations. The difference between them in terms of flexibility is that you can set a group setting with 4 different time settings for Monday-Friday in the 5+2 day configuration. In this configuration, you can also set Saturday and Sunday as a separate group with up to 4 different time settings per day. And, in the 7-day configuration, you can program each day differently with up to 4 different time settings per day.

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