Satisfaction Guarantee
The main pillars of the profiles of our technicians are the best skills, best attitude, and great workmanship. You don’t need to worry about the fact that they will care for your home or not. They will take immense care about the best service as well as for absolute cleanliness. Their speed and precision in the job are remarkable. They will always avoid wearing shoes on your carpet and will clean the site after finishing their work. They will never smoke or swear in your home. We assure you that they have no relation with drugs.
If after completion of their work, you are not satisfied with the results, we won’t consider the job as done. All our technicians will take personal responsibility for your absolute satisfaction.
Performance Guarantee
Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. guarantees the best performance of the equipment we installed if it is maintained properly and operated in the manner stated in the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance manuals. We promise that under normal operating conditions, your selected temperature will not vary more than 3 degrees from the actual temperature at your thermostat during heating or cooling operation. We also guarantee that we will modify, repair, or replace your system at no charge if it fails to achieve the installation temperatures at any point of time within 1 years from installation. This guarantee means that we install the equipment of the accurate size according to your home at the time of installation. However, this guarantee does not cover any situation where the proper temperature is not maintained at the home due to a component or part failure.

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