Family Friendly Technicians

Our technicians are not only highly skilled in their respective fields, but they are also very decent, polite, and well behaved. You can be sure that your children will not learn even a single foul word from them. Also, they are always attentive to keep your floor clean. They use drop cloths, runners, and floor savers while working. They will also clean up their working area after they finish their work.

Best Tuning For Maximum Efficiency

Our specialist who maintains your equipment will check it thoroughly for safety and operational efficiency and will tune it up for maximum fuel efficiency. We will also check it for every kind of potential fault. This will help you to save your money by reducing fuel bills, avoiding breakdowns, and will prolong the life of your equipment.

Multiple Payment Methods For Your Convenience

After we have finished our work, you will have a number of options as mentioned below, to pay for the work.
  • By a Credit Card.
  • By a Debit Card.
  • By cheque
  • Upon credit approval, financing is available
However, for your major repair or system up-gradation bills, you can use our convenient financing options. You can check them out in the “Finance Options” section in our “Product & Services” menu.

We Comply With All Codes, Licenses, and Laws

Any company that is offering lower rates may not have a license, required permits, or may not carry adequate insurance. Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is a licensed contractor and operates with all required municipal and state permits. We are insured for Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance.
Compliance with codes and adequate insurance is important for you in terms of liability. For any injury of a worker, you can be held liable if the contractor is not insured. If any unlicensed work or any work without required permits faces any accident or fire outbreak and insurance is claimed for that, then your insurance company may dispute the claim. Also, for that, you can be questioned related to workmanship when you sell the house and that may cost you more than the repair to the equipment.
Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can get you peace of mind by its absolute compliance with all codes, laws, and licenses.

Our National Affiliations and Professional Involvement Get The Best Products and Services For You

Being an active member of multiple trade associations composed of the best heating and air conditioning contractors in the country, Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. gets access to the best products, cutting edge techniques and technology, and the best practices and training in the country.

Various Training and Rigorous Employment Screening

The presence of any company in your home makes you, your family, and your belongings vulnerable. Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is very attentive to this. We hire technicians after rigorous screening. The greatest criterion is that we hire only those people whom our owners, managers, and their families are comfortable with.

Save Your Money With Discounts

Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. provides its customer the best discount programs when they have their equipment maintained by us annually. They will get offers of getting Priority Service, Discounted Rates, Special Savings, and a precision tune-up and safety check at the end of the agreement. This offer is very beneficial as you are getting all the discounts and benefits of the program along with the benefits of annual maintenance for less than the cost of a precision tune-up and safety check.
A thorough check-up of your equipment for safety, proper operation, and potential mechanical problems can get you real peace of mind. A special low monthly payment option is available to make it an even better value.

Service Is More Important To Us Than New Construction

We prioritize giving service to our existing clients rather than only focusing on new construction. That means whenever you face any issue with your system, you will definitely get a repair specialist available for you.

Ongoing Technical Training + Experts’ Supervision + Always Available Office Support = Best Service For You

We are committed to providing you great excellence in our service. Our pro technicians attend regular training sessions. Besides the repair specialists, Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has expert field supervisors who provide a great backup to the technician. That means we have dedicated personnel to solve any technical question of yours or can give you a second opinion.
Additional Backup is always available in the office to support the field technicians by providing them the details of any prior work or by supplying an extra need.
All these aspects together make us the champion in heating and air conditioning service.

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