3 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair

Georgia experiences an average of 20 dangerous heat days every year. Worse, summer in Atlanta, GA, is about 2° hotter than in rural areas. Moreover, the city is warming up faster than many others in the US.
Fortunately, an energy-efficient air conditioner can protect you from extreme heat.
For the same reason, it’s imperative to know when you need air conditioner repair. Otherwise, your AC may fail to provide efficient cooling, putting your health at risk.
So, how then can you tell you need AC repair? We’ve listed the signs below, so be sure to read on.

1. No Power at All

If your air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all, ensure you have the thermostat turned on. Someone may have bumped into and turned it off by accident. It’s also wise to replace the thermostat batteries to be sure.
If the thermostat isn’t the problem, check your electrical panel next. Confirm the circuit breaker didn’t trip, but if it did, you only have to reset the switch back to the ON position.
If none of those work, your AC problems may have to do with malfunctioning electrical wires. For example, rodents, such as mice and rats, may have chewed on them, causing fraying. That’s dangerous, as damaged wiring can result in house fires.
So, before any of that happens, have your unit inspected and fixed by a local AC repair service.

2. Turns on but Doesn’t Produce Cold Air

Inside your air conditioner are cold loops of metal known as evaporator coils. A chemical called refrigerant, in turn, passes through those coils. Both components work together to absorb heat and moisture from the air and cool it down.
Your air conditioner also relies on a blower motor and a fan to circulate the air within the unit. One of their jobs is to blow air over the evaporator coils. From there, they move the cooled air from the system to your home.
Thus, if one or more of those components break, your AC may fail to cool the air. As a result, you may not feel any cold air coming out of it even if it turns on.
If that’s what’s happening to your air conditioner, turn it off right away. Next, inspect the unit’s filter; if it’s filthy, wash or replace it, as clogs in it may also reduce HVAC efficiency.
If your AC still doesn’t produce cold air after that, the issue may be due to a faulty evaporator coil, motor, or fan. In that case, get in touch with a local Atlanta air conditioner repair company near you ASAP.

3. AC Produces Sweet-Smelling Air

If the conditioned air has a slightly sweet smell to it, it’s likely time to repair or replace your AC unit. That odor can originate from a refrigerant leak.
Aside from reducing your AC’s efficiency, leaking refrigerants can also cause poisoning. Exposure to even low doses can result in eye, nose, and throat irritation. They can also lead to frostbites or chemical burns if their liquid form lands on bare skin.
So, call your local Atlanta AC repair specialists as soon as you notice this symptom.
Never Delay Air Conditioner Repair
Keep in mind that even mild heat-related illnesses, such as heat rash or cramps, can already cause pain. More severe forms, such as heat exhaustion and stroke, can even be life-threatening. Worse, they’re prevalent, affecting thousands of people in the US each year.
All that should be enough reason never to delay necessary air conditioner repair.
If you need prompt AC repair services in the Metro Atlanta area, our team of experts at Gill Air can help. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to fix your unit and make it energy-efficient again.



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