Find The Best Thermostat For You

Every programmable thermostat commonly has four pre-programmed settings and those settings are maintained within two degrees. Some other great features of the popular models are –
  • Digital, backlit displays.
  • Touch pad screen programming.
  • Voice and/or phone programming.
  • Hold/Vacation features.
  • Indicators that indicate the time to change air filters.
  • Indicators that show signal malfunctioning of heating/cooling systems.
  • Adaptive Recovery/ Smart Recovery features – These control features sense the amount of time it will take to reach the next set-point temperature and reach desired temperature by the set time.

How Do You Choose The Right One For You?

Depending on your schedule, activities, and lifestyle, choose one out of the following three models.
  • 7 Day Models: It is best suited with changing schedules. You have the maximum flexibility to set different programs for different days. It usually has four possible temperature periods per day.
  • 5+2 Day Models: It provides you the option to have the same schedule for every weekday and another for weekends.
  • 5-1-1 Models: It is the best model to keep one schedule Monday through Friday and another on Saturdays and Sundays.

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