Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Extended Warranty Coverage

What does an extended warranty cover on a furnace or air conditioner?

Typically, the coverage of an extended warranty includes the failure of a part or component of the product, caused by the malfunction of the unit or one or multiple parts or components of it. The extended warranty applies on the furnace, boiler, or air conditioner and not on any accessory component that is not included as part of the equipment. Examples of accessory components:
  • Thermostats (not specifically covered)
  • Condensate pumps
  • Registers
  • Humidifiers
  • Ultraviolet air purifiers
  • Filters
  • Air vents (boilers)
  • Backflow preventers (boilers)
  • Zone valves (boilers)
  • Pressure reducing valves (boilers)
  • Expansion tanks (boilers)
… any item not included in the ‘box’…

Therefore An Extended Warranty Typically Does Not Cover:

  • Any failure caused by lack of electrical power (external fuse or circuit breaker blown, switch turned off, meter failure, etc.) or lack of natural gas (gas line shut-off, a problem with meter, etc.). Reason: The chances of the correct functioning of the unit with power or fuel is high – not a fault of the manufacturer.
  • Failure due to lack of maintenance (plugged filters, lack of cleaning, plugged condensate lines, dead batteries, etc.)
Reason: The manufacturer needs systematic maintenance to be performed on the unit. Maintenance-related failures are excluded.
  • Failure due to exhaust or air intake vent blockage – failure caused by a factor that is outside of the manufacturer’s control.
  • Failure due to external component failure: includes all the accessory components listed above. Or failure of the distribution system (i.e. ductwork or piping).
  • Failures that are due to acts of God: Natural disasters, abuse, and anything acting upon the equipment beyond the control of the manufacturer.
  • Loss of performance or aesthetics.

Some Warranties Require Proof of Equipment Maintenance As Required By The Manufacturer. For More Guidance, Follow Your Warranty Paperwork.

Maintenance agreement benefits are provided for the systems for which maintenance is provided.

  • An agreement made for providing maintenance for the furnace only is not supposed to provide discounts for a cooling problem.
  • An agreement made for providing maintenance for the air conditioner only is not supposed to provide discounts for a heating problem.
  • The same applies for other maintenance agreement products (coverage is extended only to the specific product(s) that are identified in the agreement)

What about furnace blower failures in a no cooling station?

For cross-over situations, the performance of maintenance on both furnace and air conditioner is required to be eligible for benefits.

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