10 Signs That Your Heating System Needs A Repair Service

Heating systems are one of the prime comfort utilities that we need in most of the areas of the world. It is a lifesaver where the weather mostly remains freezing cold. But, as it is mainly an electronic system and its main function involves getting terribly heated, it has a great requirement of maintenance and servicing in a systematic manner. We often cannot properly determine whether the heating system needs to be repaired or not.

Here we are discussing 10 signs that can tell you that your heating system needs repair.

  • Unusual Sounds

The very first and common signal of any electronic device being faulty is getting strange sounds from it. Pops and squeaks in any heater indicate that there may be something loose in the unit. The sounds mostly cannot be recognized by any common person but a technician may identify the problem from the sound and can solve it.

  • Abnormally High Energy Bills


It is certainly abnormal that your energy bill has grown exponentially, without any change in the use of your gadgets including your heater. It is not a small problem that can be solved without the help of a trained technician. If you face this problem, you can contact our expert technicians who can easily solve this problem and can guide you on using the heater efficiently<<.

  • Inaccurate Thermostat

The thermostat helps us to know how much heat is to be produced. If the amount of heat indicated by the thermostat does not match that of the furnace, then there is something wrong with your heater and you should call for repairing it.

  • Poor Air Quality

If the furnace of the heater becomes unable to clean the air, a large volume of dust may escape the furnace’s vents. At a very basic level, this problem can be solved by changing your filter. But, if the problem persists, you should definitely opt for a professional repairing service.

  • Slow Startup or Frequent Cycling

Improper air circulation, thermostat complications, or a clogged filter can cause a slow startup or frequent cycles (turns on and off)in your heater. In that case, you should consider repairing your heater.

  • Yellow Pilot Light

The pilot light is located in the front panel of the furnace to indicate any problem. A carbon monoxide leak can be indicated by the yellow pilot light. That can be fatal for you and your family and can cause flu-like symptoms. This problem should immediately be solved with the help of a technician.

  • Using An Outdated System

Heaters can run well for a specific lifespan. Though some heaters may last for as long as 20 years, it is the better choice to replace them after 10-12 years of use. Continuously evolving technologies are always bringing in much more efficient systems. So, it is always a wise choice to develop your heating system with time. But, if you have an old system, consider maintaining the regularity of its servicing.

  • Water Pooling Around Unit

A clogged condensate line can cause the problem of water pooling around your heater. To solve this problem, both a plumber and a heater technician are needed. However, you should get this problem solved as soon as it occurs.

  • Noticeable Gas Odor

A gas odor in your home is a sign of a very crucial problem with the heater. If you smell any such odor, you should turn off the heater, open it, and turn off the gas supply valve. Mind that you must not light matches or turn on any light in that situation. You should get this problem solved by a highly trained technician as soon as possible.

  • Weak Air Flow

A weak airflow is the indication of various problems such as minor fan issues, major belt problems, and motor complications. Whatever the problem is, you should get that solved by a professional technician.

These are the most vital signs that clearly indicate that your heating system needs to get repaired. To get the best services regarding the repair, feel free to contact Gill Air.



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