How to Check for Air Leaks_

You are planning to invest a lump sum of money in an HVAC system or have already done that. Hence, naturally, you wouldn’t want some air leaks to make your HVAC unit work harder and cost you more money. You will be surprised to know that summing up all the air leaks in an average house can be almost similar to a 2-square-foot hole. Whether the weather is hot or cold, home air leaks are the worst thing that causes severe energy waste.

Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has been providing numerous HVAC services to several clients for years. Our professionals have summarized some tips to check for air leaks at your home.

Check Your Utility Bill

The first and easiest step to know about air leaks in your home is checking your utility bill. Air leaks will surely increase your utility bill on a significant scale. First, check for that to know how severe the condition is.

Blower Door Test

It is a test performed by professionals. Your home is sealed uptight in this test, and a particular fan is blown to depressurize your house. This test is performed before and after sealing your home to compare home air leaks. Such an audit by a professional can save you a lump sum of money on energy bills.

What You Can Do To Check For Air Leaks

Check The Areas Where Mixtures of Materials Are Used

Commonly, the places where two or more types of materials are combined tend to have cracks. That is because of a lack of compatibility between the materials. Check for leaks in those areas, such as chimneys or exterior construction made with brick and cement.

Check For Indoor Cracks and Gaps

Various common spots can have gaps or cracks inside your home. Thoroughly check out the electrical outlets, door & window frames, switch plates, gas service & cable entrances, and all other spots that can potentially have multiple gaps or cracks.

Use The Flashlight

It is another efficient and easy method to check for air leaks. In this method, someone can shine a flashlight through the potential gaps indoors when it is dark outside. You can stand out and check if the light is seeping through any opening. This method can indeed help you in finding cracks.

The Dollar Bill Test

Well, it is an easy technique to find out air leaks around your windows and doors. For the test, try to pass a dollar bill through the sides of the windows and doors while they are closed. If it gives quickly, you have an air leak that you have to take care of.

Let Air and A Piece of Paper Help

An effective technique to check for an air leak is holding a piece of paper in areas you suspect a leakage. Commonly, such air drafts are found around an electrical outlet or window frame. And, in such a case, the paper will move to inform you of the presence of an air leak.

Wall Insulation Is Very Important

When we are talking about air leaks and the efficiency of HVAC units, wall insulation plays a vital role. It ensures that the warm air stays inside your home in winter, and the hot weather outdoors does not affect the temperature inside your home in summer. Hence, pay immense attention to maintaining the wall insulation.

These are the most efficient ways to check for air leaks in your home. However, you can contact a reputed organization like Gill Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to check for air leaks and set up the best HVAC unit for your home. Also, check out our blogs to know more about HVAC systems.



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