Audio Output Not Working On Windows 8 1

Update driver just for the measure of added effectiveness. Since then, over the months, the article has helped lots of readers and readers have also contributed to their own solutions in the comments. Another possibility is if the microphone that you’re using or the inbuilt microphone with your computer is not working with Discord. Shared by Reddit user kohleh, which have to be helpful.

  • You can still try resetting your router or PC to try your luck, however.
  • Learn about using Elgato Sound Capture for PC game recording here.
  • As you know, modern laptops come with more than one GPU to ensure power saving and better performance.
  • After that, you can close the window, re-open the OBS studio and check if the black screen issue is fixed.

During the session, you can easily select the output source and the preferred file format for the audio. Else you will be changing settings back and forth between streaming sessions and normal computer sessions. Luckily you can set Voicemeeter to run at startup via the Menu.

Rapid Solutions Of Driver Updater

Because of packing excessive resources, discord screen share not sharing audio problems is a huge issue. Discord screen share audio in the first state was faulty and after an enormous update Discord screen share, no sound issue was taken care of. So, if you are using the older variation of Discord for screen sharing after that, you will encounter discord screenshare audio issues. Here in this article you can easily do follow to fix this screen share audio not working problem on discord application easily! So many uses who use this screen share feature had faced this sound not working issue recently. It is said that the installed programs will stop the discord from working. Therefore, if you found that discord screen share no audio occurred right after you download a third-party application, you are supposed to disable or even uninstall the software.

Straightforward Driver Support Solutions – An A-Z

Trim and preview the video after recording with the help of this software after finishing your recording process. With the 3 methods above, you have big chance to solve the OBS game capture black screen problem. But if the black screen is still there in OBS Studio, it’s time to get an OBS alternative to capture screen including the gameplay on your computer. Are you facing the situation that you only get a black screen when you want to capture screen like recording a video game with OBS?

Every ready to provide assistance in anything that rocks his boat. Will gladly enjoy capturing memories through various lenses. Worked previously at PiunikaWeb as an author and researcher. Discord will now be uninstalled from your system. Select it and right-click to uninstall the program. At some point in time, you might have reduced or left the program’s audio levels to mute or lowered it.

Another workaround to consider is changing some specific settings of OBS. Usually, OBS allows users to set the configurations according to their preferences or will. However, in some cases, the custom settings might conflict with the software and cause the black screen. Here we have listed down some of the changes in settings that you have to do in order for OBS to run in optimal settings.



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